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TFX 3 Loader - Black/Blue

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Danny C
Not worth it

Bought this product about a week ago and I hated the price tag and thought it would be worth it and the weekend after I bought it I used it and it would just jam and it broke a paintball mid match and it was a pain cleaning it up, I love the whole rechargeable battery thing but compared to other hoppers this one is definitely not worth it and the angle they made it at made it miss so much paintballs. Unless u have it filled to full capacity it won’t feed paintballs

Kickass Hopper

Fully loaded hopper with all the bonuses this is a nice piece of gear stylish as always good color choices to start quiet, fast, and light. Another winner for HK 👊

Jordan Peacock
This hopper RIPS

The field I play at allows up to 20bps and this TFX3 has no issue at all providing that. It absolutely rips. A huge plus that it comes with the speed feed and the rain lid.
The hopper itself looks absolutely amazing. Performs even better. Definitely worth every single penny no doubt.
Coming from a spire, this loader is now my go to for every game I play.
Thanks HK for always putting out amazing products for the paintball community!

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