TRK - HK Skull - Black - Jogger Pants

Product Overview

Introducing the HK Army TRK Jogger pants. The TRK's are comprised of a premium knit poly blend for supreme comfort and flexibility. Featuring custom printed vertical leg designs, embroidery detailing, waterproof zipper pockets, reinforced knees and two swab pockets make these the perfect pant for any paintball player. 


  • Knit Poly Blend
  • Drawstring waistband 
  • Embroidery Detailing
  • Waterproof Zipper Pockets 
  • Jogger Fit 
  • Two Swab Pockets
  • Cuffed Ankles
  • Ventilated Legs 
  • Reinforced Knees

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Great product

      I’ve been playing paintball for 10 years been a paintball ref for almost a years now and these joggers are absolutely amazing best paintball pants ever I wear them to work and they are extremely comfortable to wear all day I feel no resistance from the pants when I play they are light weight I have no complaints for these joggers I absolutely love them

      Amazing pants! But please read!

      These pants are suuuuper comfortable and allow for a lot of movement and flex, with that being said they are not tall guy friendly, at 6’4” I've got about a solid 3 inches above my ankle where the pants do not cover. But not everyone in the world is as tall as me and I get that, I would suggest whatever size you normally wear, go ahead and bump up to the next size when getting these.


      The pants are perfect however it took almost a month for these pants to be delivered and I had to borrow a teammates pants for a tournament. Keep in mind I order these pants 2 and a half weeks before the tournament. Pants are good once they arrived just wish they came when they were suppost to.

      Pants quality

      When I received the pants there was a hole in the left pocket, but that’s no big deal. The laces where ripping the siding a little bit to, but again no big deal shit happens. Overall love the pants!

      TRK Joggers

      Great pair of pants. One of the best pair of paintball pants I’ve ever owned comfortable flexible.

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