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HSTL Retro Jogger Pant - Tiger Camo

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Pants slightly tight

I really enjoy the quality of these pants. Great color and stitch. The lower 12in or so of the legs do taper to a fairly tight bottom cuff. So don't worry about anything coming up your pants leg.

Not durable

After only 4 uses (as an intermediate level player who only plays about once a month) these pants started to fall apart at the seams. Both adjustable waist band straps fell apart (one completely detached from the pants) and the stitching is coming undone in several other places. While they look great, I’m highly disappointed in the quality of these pants and even more disappointed in the customer service. I was a big HK fan and customer, but when these fell apart and all customer service could do is offer me a 15% discount code because of the 90 day warranty window (despite only 4 uses of the product) I decided to replace these with the Bunkerkings Supreme Jogger pants.


HSTL Retro Jogger Pant - Black

Big booty judy!!!!!

Love your Jerseys but pants have struck out for me so far. (I’ve only tried one pair from hk to this point). 6’1 220 technically a 38 if I say so myself but I always buy a little bigger! Bought the xl and they didn’t feel right at the booty and waist. Tightened down fine just couldn’t squat or move without thinking about it - felt like I had to pull them up to move fast or squat! Materials and pants are well made - it’s the dad bod! Will keep buying hk!


HSTL Line Pant - Black

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