Hardline Pro Pant Stealth

Product Overview

When it comes to quality paintball pants, there are 4 key features to look for; You want your pant to be Durable, Flexible, Lightweight and Breathe well. All of which the HK Army Hardline Pro Pant embodies. Our hand-crafted Hardline Pro Pants are designed for ultimate comfort and superior durability.

Hardline Pro Pant 

HK Army Hardline Pro Pants utilize various fabrics to strengthen impact points, provide flexibility in key areas, and lighten the pant as a whole. Key features include built-in knee and crotch padding, aero-mesh crotch ventilation, adjustable elastic waistband, adjustable ankle straps, six integrated pockets, zipper leg ventilation, and stretch ballistic kevlar knees.

Customer Reviews

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Camt give much of a review since ive only played in them once. But i really like how light weight they are. Heres no cons. I should had ordered a bigger size. Alittle to tight all they away across. But its my motavation to lose bout 20 lbs. At the moment the pickets are a little hard to get into any the swueegy picket keeps on losimg my squeegy


My son loves the pants. Well padded

HK Army Hardline Pro Pant Stealth XL size.

Super nice fit pant. Would not recommend getting rid of the adjustable waist band or materials, very comfortable and thick. One problem, the seam lines on both knees have that weird sewn in material so that the pant stretches more, right? (I already know I'm going to tear the shit out of em, no big---but my suggestion would be.) *A super sick ass pad that wraps 180 over the front of that weird elastic stretch stuff, with a small little piece of velcro to hold it. That would make the pant an immediate 10/10. I wanna dive slide and get buck in my pants without worrying about ripping the knee line, I know for SURE i'm going to rip them in my first five games. I'll give these a 7/10. Make a sick pair thats updated and Ill give em a try for sure.