Dynasty - ICC - Hostilewear Snakes Dry Fit - Event Jersey

Product Overview

NOTE: All Dry-Fits are handmade to order in the USA. Please allow 7-14 business days for production and 3-4 business days for shipping. We appreciate your patience and can guarantee the quality is worth the wait! Thank you

The perfect Dry Fit long sleeve jersey for maximum performance and breathability. These Dry Fit Jerseys were designed specifically for Team Dynasty to play in at the 2019 Iron City Classic 10-man event. 

High-Tech Breathability

HK Dry Fit shirts bring high-tech fabric manufacturing to the front line of paintball performance gear. Composed entirely of ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking microfiber polyester mesh, the HK Dry Fit shirts function as a cooling undershirt for paintball players or simply as a lightweight, cooling casual shirt.